Title Published Date
Human rights bodies call for release of Bahraini political prisoners 08 April 2018
HRW slams Bahraini threat to crack down on online dissidents 01 April 2018
Bahraini regime forces arrest 29 people in 24 hours 24 March 2018
Bahrainis protest against Al Khalifah's crackdown on dissidents 12 March 2018
Tortured activist loses memory in Saudi Arabia 07 March 2018
Bahraini prisoners of conscience continue to endure abuses in Jaw Prison 04 March 2018
22 Bahraini activists sentenced to death with six losing appeal: Activist 28 February 2018
Regime forces attack demonstrators across Bahrain 18 February 2018
Torture of two Bahraini death row inmates raises concern among activists 14 February 2018
Nearly 1,000 rights abuses committed in Bahrain in January: Report 12 February 2018
Death Sentences in Bahrain Draw Condemnations 04 February 2018
SRW condemns arbitrary sentences against protesters in Bahrain 01 February 2018
Quran competition for Bahraini Shias slated for March 17 January 2018
Bahrain Opposition Bloc in London calls to stop military trials 31 December 2017
Bahrain court gives life sentence to nearly dozen dissidents 28 December 2017
Manama cracks down on demonstrations against death sentences 27 December 2017
Bahrain military court gives death sentence to six dissidents 26 December 2017
Bahrainis hold rallies in solidarity with Saudi Shias 26 December 2017
Askari Imams Campaign for blood donation collects 172 blood units 24 December 2017
Vast security campaign leads to arrest of at least 8 citizens in Bahrain 20 December 2017

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