SRW issues a report on Bahraini Uprising


Shia Rights International Organization SRW has issued a report on the eight anniversary of the Bahraini Uprising that was observed with massive protests across the country.

The organization said that “Shia Rights Watch predicts that more protest and crackdowns will be carried out as a result. In fact, activists reported as many as 23 people were arrested today, the 13th, as the kingdom’s security services raided homes in numerous towns and villages such as Diraz, A’ali, Buri, Sitra, Eker, Shakhura, Nuwaidrat and Karzakan.”

The report continues as” Bahrain, a dominantly Shia populated country,  has become the most dangerous place for this population. Since the uprising in 2011, an alarming upsurge in arbitrary and abusive force by security forces has been reported.”

People of Bahrain show their disapproval of the authority’s violations through peaceful protests. Despite the nonviolent nature of their activism, Bahrainis are faced with arrests, tear gas, crackdowns and gunshots.



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