Sheikh Hassan Shehata martyrdom anniversary on Mid-Shabaan


The blessed mid-Shaaban coincides the martyrdom anniversary of the Sheikh Hassan Shehata and three Shia in Egypt during a cerebration for the followers of the Ahlulbait, peace be upon them, by in a sectarian attack by the Salafies.

This horrific incident, which many described as the Shia massacre of in Egypt, was perpetrated by five thousand Salafis who chanted takfiri slogans after they failed to discuss their belifs with the martyr Hassan Shehata. The Salafies deliberately killed him and three of the Shias in the most horrific ways. 

The perpetrators carried sticks and broken glass and forced the martyrs out and then they killed them.

Shehata and in that painful position did not hide or retreat, but faced those stray elements with a vision inspired by the holy Karbala to meet his Lord a fasting martyr oppressed and killed by the most despicable creatures.

This odious sectarian approach did not hurt the perpetrators of this crime, but expressed pride in the attack on four Shias and beating them to death because of their sectarian affiliation. This act tells the extent of hatred and injustice, committed against the followers of Ahlulbait, peace be upon them.

Earlier, Shia Rights Watch International Organization denounced the hostile practices and numerous and ongoing pressures against Shias in Egypt by the ruling authorities in Egypt, and by the Salafist Takfiri groups.



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