SRW condemns arbitrary verdicts against activists in Bahrain


Shia Rights Watch International Organization (SRW) has condemned the arbitrary detention of activists in Bahrain and called on the United Nations to intervene in the humanitarian crisis in the kingdom.

The organization said in a statement that "In the last few days, the Bahraini courts have issued a new package of biased judgments against a number of activists. The courts have sentenced 34 detainees, in terms ranging from life imprisonment to severe imprisonment, in measures that lacked of legal and international standards, without taking into account how the confessions were extracted from the detainees, especially after being subjected to physical and psychological torture throughout the period of detention."

The statement condemned the trials entirely calling on the United Nations General Assembly to intervene in the humanitarian crisis suffered by the Shias in Bahrain, especially as they are subjected to the worst campaign of repression for seven consecutive years, resulting in the martyrdom and injuries of hundreds, and thousands in prisons"


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