Shia pilgrims stage sit-in at Taftan border town to seek return forthwith



 Shia pilgrims have staged a sit-in to lodge a protest against the authorities as they have remained stuck in Taftan border town on their return from Iran and Iraq after pilgrimage of sacred shrines of infallible Imams for the last 16 days.

The pilgrims have not been allowed to proceed to return their hometowns via Quetta because of unavailability of security to their motorcades for last 16 days. The protesters are demanding the needed security convoy must be arranged for their immediate return to their hometowns. 

Pilgrims go to Iran and via Iran also go to Iraq for pilgrimage of sacred shrines of infallible Imams of Shia Islam who are also revered by Sunni Muslims. 

Unfortunately, they are subjected to mental torture by biased authorities who continue to deny them due facilities during their travelling and stay in Taftan border town.


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