Saudi airstrike kills at least 5 people in southwestern Yemen


At least five people have been killed as Saudi Arabia’s warplanes conducted an airstrike on a road in Yemen’s southwestern province of Ta'izz.

According to Yemen's official SABA news agency, the aerial aggression occurred on a road in the al-Barh area of the Maqbanah district on Monday, wounding four other people.

Other reports, however, said at least eight people sustained injuries in the airstrike.

This is not the first time Saudi fighter jets have raided the road. Last month, several other Yemeni people were killed or wounded as their vehicles were targeted by a number of airstrikes.

The report further said that the Saudi war machine had conducted nearly 30 other airstrikes against various localities in some other provinces of the impoverished nation earlier in the day, the possible casualties of which were not immediately clear.

The Monday airstrike came three days after the United Nations Human Rights Council adopted a last-minute compromise resolution by consensus after heavy lobbying by a Saudi-led group of Arab states with Western powers.


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