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Al-Mashhad al-Radawi Quran to be showcased at Doha Intel Book Fair

Al-Mashhad al-Radawi Quran, one of the oldest and rarest Quranic manuscripts, will be showcased at the Doha International Book Fair in a move to enhance cultural and religious ties.

This significant cultural event provides an opportunity to exhibit one of the oldest and rarest Quranic manuscripts dating back to the 1st century of the Islamic calendar.

The manuscript, written in the Hijazi script, is approximately 1400 years old and is considered the most comprehensive among the remaining ancient manuscripts.

Al-Mashhad al-Radawi Quran, which is preserved in two copies in Imam Ridha Library, consists of 252 pages and contains 95% of the chapters of the Holy Quran. This Quran, which was later transferred to Khorasan in subsequent centuries, is considered the most complete surviving copy from the 1st century AH.

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