With Daesh on last legs, car bombs hit Baghdad


Explosives loaded onto vehicles go off in two different locations across the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, killing five people and injuring eight others.  

A car bomb went off in the al-Shorteh Raabe’ah neighborhood in the city’s south, killing three women and inflicting injuries on five other people, Iraq's al-Sumaria television network reported on Sunday.  Another such device blew up in Abu Disher, also a southern Baghdad neighborhood, killing two people and wounding three more, the source added.  Iraq sources said the number of the casualties could go up due to severe injuries among the wounded.  No party has claimed responsibility for the attacks so far, but they bore the hallmarks of the sporadic assaults carried out by the Takfiri terror group of Daesh farther afield from its handful of remaining strongholds in the country.


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