Two killed as Saudi police intensify attacks on besieged Shia-populated town


Saudi security forces have killed at least two young men in a besieged town in the kingdom’s Shia-populated Eastern Province, as the Riyadh regime continues its heavy-tactics crackdown there, targeting dissidents.

According to local activists in the volatile town of Awamiyah, Saudi snipers shot dead Ali Mahdi al-Sobeiti and Hussain Abdullah al-Sobeiti on the road to an Awamiyah suburb on Saturday. They added that the Saudi sharpshooters targeted any moving object in areas on roads around the restive town.

Local media say over 30 people have been killed and many others wounded in over 80 days of tension in Awamiyah, as the regime takes a series of security measures against Shia civilians there.

During the past few days at least seven civilians have lost their lives after Saudi security forces launched an attack on the town.



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