Al-Kadhimiyah Holy Shrine completes preparations for upcoming pilgrimage


Coinciding with the imminent anniversary of the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Musa bin Jaafar al-Kadhim, peace be upon him, the General Secretariat of al-Jawadain Holy Shrine has launched its various services and cultural activities for the sorrowful occasion.

The activities to be held to renew the covenant and loyalty to the Imam Musa bin Jaafar al-Kadhim, peace be upon him.

The departments, divisions and units were directed to meet and secure all the requirements of the pilgrimage, as well as the creation of new service areas in the streets of Imam Ali and the Imam Sahib al-Zaman, peace be upon them, surrounding the Holy courtyard, to provide the best services to visitors of the Imams, peace be upon them.


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