UNICEF: 15 children dead and 1,400 others infected with measles in Yemen

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) announced that since seven months, 15 children have died and 1,400 others have been infected with measles in Yemen.

The organization said in a report, “15 children died of measles in Yemen during the period between January and July 2022.”

The report added that “about 1,400 children in Yemen were infected with measles, during the same period, in 7 governorates, including Aden (south).”

In its report, UNICEF indicated that it assisted the (Yemeni) Ministry of Public Health and Population in implementing a vaccination campaign for children in response to the outbreak.

Measles is a highly contagious viral disease in children, and almost everyone who catches it suffers from a painful rash, sore eyes, fever, stiff muscles and a bad cough.

According to UNICEF, children most at risk of contracting measles are those who suffer from malnutrition.

Yemen suffers from a great shortage of medicines and medical supplies, and the collapse of the health system as a result of the war that has been raging for more than 7 years, which has caused thousands of martyrs and wounded citizens, and great damage to infrastructure and public and private property.

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