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Amnesty International voices concern over Britain’s recent decision on refugees deportation

Amnesty International has expressed its deep concern about the recent decision by the British Supreme Court regarding the legality of deporting refugees.

 “The entire Rwanda deal must be abandoned,” Steve Valdez-Simmonds, director of Refugee and Migrant Rights at the organization, said in a statement, stressing that the British government’s deportation plan “severely undermines international refugee law.”

 The organization saw the government’s decision as “a cynical distraction from the urgent need to reform chronically failing asylum procedures, which are increasingly slow and chaotic, leaving thousands of people stuck in limbo for years,” Symonds said.

 The British Supreme Court recognized the legality of the government’s plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda, and said in the text of its decision that the British government is accused of “not properly considering individual cases,” but the plan itself is “legal.”

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