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StopHazaraGenocide Rally in London

This week around the world, Hazara people, human rights activists, friends, and allies have come together in solidarity following the most recent terrorist attack on the Hazara Shia people in Afghanistan that martyred 55 and severely wounded more than 115 people, mostly young Hazara girls.

On 8th October more than 121 major cities across the world joined in the #StopHazaraGenocide campaign.

Similarly, thousands of people are standing with and joining the British-Hazara community to call on the UK government to take urgent action in response to the systematic and escalating discrimination, violence and killings experienced by Hazara people in Afghanistan.

The protestors in London will be gathering on 12th October 2022 at 12:00 at 10 Downing Street to march to Parliament Square and are asking the UK government to:

1- Recognize mass atrocities against Hazaras as genocide and deploy all means available to prevent genocide and to prosecute the perpetrators;

2- Engage in a dialogue with Afghan-neighbouring countries to facilitate safe passage for Hazaras fleeing persecution in Afghanistan;

3- Advocate in the United Nations and its entities to establish a fact-finding mission monitor the ongoing situation if the Hazaras, collect evidence and document the systematic attacks of Hazaras, and conduct thorough internationally mandated investigations into these ongoing atrocities.

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