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Institute of Race Relations: Britain turns Muslims into second-class citizens

The Institute of Race Relations (IRR) stated that the British government’s policy is to convert Muslim citizens into second-class citizens.

The Guardian newspaper quoted the Institute as saying that the Citizenship and Border Protection Act, which allows for the withdrawal of the nationalities of citizens who are entitled to the citizenship of another country, aims to keep Muslims under threat, and make them feel that they are not equal to the rest of the British.

The Institute explained that this policy primarily targets Britons of South Asian origin, most of who are from the Muslim community.

According to the Institute’s statement, “Despite government claims that authorities use this law only against those who pose a serious threat to national security, or who have committed heinous crimes, “The Citizenship Report: From Right to Privilege” argues that the effect is that some people have second degree, conditional citizenship that can be discarded.

It believed that these laws perpetuate racism, and show the grievances of minorities in Britain.

The report describes the criteria for depriving citizenship as “vague and undefined” and warns of the danger of them being used for political purposes.

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