Hotels in Holy Karbala have no vacancies two weeks before Arbaeen

The head of the Hotels Union in the holy city of Karbala announced on Wednesday, August 23, that the hotels in this city are already filled up, adding that pilgrims from 80 to 90 countries have been accommodated in Karbala, including Iran, Persian Gulf states, Europe, America and East Asia.

This official told the local media that Karbala has a thousand hotels that are officially registered, 600 of which are categorized as excellent to four stars.

He further added: The remaining accommodation facilities in Karbala include unregistered private guesthouses and public houses.

It should be noted that Grand Ayatollah Shirazi emphasized in his speech on the night of Ashura that God Almighty advises Muslims in the Holy Qur’an to copy some positive qualities of non-Muslims. He noted that some non-Muslim groups provide extraordinary facilities such as free visa, passport, cheap hotel and free transport on Some religious occasions, which the Shia Muslims can imitate for Arbaeen pilgrimage.

He advised the government of Iraq and other Muslim countries to make all efforts in order to provide free services to the pilgrims of Arbaeen.

“Now that the Iraqi people are providing a large portion of the required food for the pilgrims for free, the Iraqi government and big businessmen should also make an effort and solve other needs.” Grand Ayatullah Shirazi added.

Grand Ayatollah Shirazi recommended that all-out efforts should be made to provide free transportation and everything related to Arbaeen pilgrimage, including providing accommodation for the pilgrims.

Efforts should also be made to get all Islamic and non-Islamic governments to cooperate for the realization of these goals, he further stressed.

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