Pakistani cleric to crowds of mourners: Karbala is a lesson from the history of mankind

The Pakistani newspaper “The Nation” reported the launch of mourning ceremonies reviving Arbaeen, locally called ‘Chehlum’ in the country.
The newspaper said in a report, that “the Main Zuljinnah procession of Chehlum was taken out on Sunday from Imam Bargah Panjtani in Attock peacefully amid tight security.”
The report added, quoting a Pakistani cleric, the scholar Ali Hasanain Najafi, as saying in a speech to the masses of mourners, “Karbala is a lesson from the history of mankind that sends a message of upholding the truth and goodness of humanity for the sake of their eternal success, and revealing the failure of the nefarious plans of demonic powers.”
Najafi referred to the difficulties that Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, and his followers faced for the glory of Islam, saying that “Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, is not only a great hero of our Islamic history, but is a symbol of a unique philosophy and way of life that draws a dividing line between the noble power of Husseini thought and his rival Yazid.”
The Pakistani newspaper noted that “service tents of water, milk and foodstuffs locally called (Sabil) were set up on the way to the mourners’ procession.”

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