Shiites of Ahlul-Bayt celebrate blessed birth anniversary of Honorable Ali al-Akbar on 11th of Sha’ban

The month of Sha’ban is the period of joy and happiness for the Holy Prophet’s family, peace be upon them, with the 11th day of Sha’ban marking the birthday of the Hashemi Flower, the Young Man of Karbala, the Honorable Ali al-Akbar, peace be upon him.

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The 11th of Sha’ban marks the auspicious birth anniversary of the Honorable Ali al-Akbar, peace be upon him. His beloved father is Imam al-Hussain (peace be upon him) and his mother is Laila bint Abi Murrah ibn Urwah ibn Masoud al-Thaqafi.

Although not much has been written about the life of the Honorable Ali al-Akbar, but all content indicates his elevated spirit, magnanimity, piety, politeness and devoutness.

Bearing striking resemblance to the Holy Prophet in all aspects, this noble figure’s temperament, behavior, character, gestures, politeness, and sobriety reminded everyone of the Messenger of God, peace be upon him and his family.

As the young son of Aba Abdullah al-Hussein, his name has always been associated with the title of youth, setting a shining example of an exemplary and selfless young man.

According to reports, Ali al-Akbar was a handsome, graceful, well-spoken and brave young man who inherited courage and valiantness from his noble ancestor, Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib, and was the epitomy of excellence, virtues and merits.

According to a narration quoted by Sheikh Jafar al-Shushtari in his book “Al-Khasa’is ul-Husainiyyah”: When Aba Abdillah al-Hussein was sending the Honorable Ali al-Akbar to the battlefield, he addressed the army and said: O Allah, you be the witness against them, as a youth is going towards them who is the most similar of people in appearance, temperament and logic to your Messenger. And whenever we missed your prophet, we used to look at this boy’s face.

The Honorable Ali al-Akbar was a clear example of a devoted, selfless young man; a young man who taught freedom and sacrifice to the whole world, bravely defending his beliefs and sacrificing his life in this way.

Imam Hussain’s decent upbringing adorned Ali al-Akbar with the best qualities of perfection, and his familial nobility, knowledge and virtues made up the greatest of personalities.

The Honorable Ali al-Akbar was a carbon copy of the Messenger of God, a branch of the pure prophetic lineage, and was considered the inheritor of all the virtues of the Ahlul-Bayt.

He played a prominent role in the event of Karbala and was always by the side of his noble father, Imam al-Hussain, fighting against the enemies of God’s religion. On the Day of Ashura, the Honorable Ali al-Akbar was the first person from Bani Hashem to be martyred after a brilliant display of courage.

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