Saudi Arabia pursues roadmap to destroy Shiite areas

According to the latest reports, the authorities of Saudi Arabia are destroying the Shiite areas under the pretext of industrial projects in order to destroy the integrity of the Shiite society.

Political activists suggest that the nature of the Qatif oil field expansion project is a Saudi agenda to displace the people of Qatif, and consequently, tear apart the social fabric of this region. This will eventually leave the Shia population of this area scattered in the Arabian Peninsula.

These critics cite the destruction of the Al-Masurah area and the forcing of its residents to live in Sunni areas such as Al-Khobar, Jubail, Dammam, Riyadh and Jeddah, to point out that the goal of the Saudi authorities in these developments is to “break up the united Shiite society” and to “cut off the relationship between the current generation and the past and future generations.”

It should be mentioned that Saudi Arabia divided Qatif province into eastern and western parts in April 2022; The western side is now called Beyza province and the eastern side remained as Qatif.

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