France: Right-wing extremist activist calls for extermination of Muslims

Social media activists in France denounced hosting the far-right activist Patrick Jardin on a television program, especially as he called for the extermination of Muslims and supported the New Zealand terrorist who killed 49 people in two mosques two years ago.

Patrick Jardin, in his remarks on “TPMB” program broadcast by French channel “C8”, he said that he did not see any problem with the New Zealand terrorist attack.

Jardin said that he “has a real problem with Islam as a religion and the Holy Quran as a heavenly book.”

He said: thanks God because France still contains a Jewish community and has not been fully Islamized, despite the efforts of some to do so.”

Activists wondered what would the reaction be like if a Muslim spoke of Christians in this way.

Journalist and activist Fayza bin Mohammed said that Jardin’s speech is a result of what was promoted in the political and media arenas of the extreme right, which is the approach of normalization with all acts of Islamophobia, which has grown dramatically.

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