Human remains from Islamic era found in Granada, Spain

A team of archaeologists have found the remains of a large number of people in the city of Granada in southern Spain, believed to belong to Muslims who lived in the region at the end of the Islamic rule of Andalusia.

The head of the team, archaeologist, Amjad Suleiman, explained that on October 18 last year, excavation work began in an area of 1,000 square meters.

Suleiman pointed out that 5 mass graves and 600 human skeletons were found, explaining that the historical sources and archaeological studies conducted showed that the largest Muslim cemetery in Europe is located in Granada under the name of Sahel bin Malik, an Andalusian scholar and poet who lived in the 12th century AD.

He said: “We found human bones of all ages and races and documented hundreds of them. The Muslims of that period hid their identities to avoid being forced to convert to Christianity and put a card next to their shrouds to be in the graves, as we also found pieces of them in the excavations.”

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