Shia Muslims in England celebrate opening of new Husseini Islamic Center in Burton

Shia Muslims in England celebrated the opening of the Husseini Islamic Center located in Burton Street in the city of Sheffield, with a self-financed amount of four million pounds.

The Peterborough Today newspaper said, “The construction of this center represents a great effort that lasted for 14 years, and the construction work was carried out through self-finance by Shia Muslims who are followers of the Twelver Shia Khawaja.”

It added that “the project was built according to a modern design and includes halls for men and women, classrooms, health facilities, and a mosque that can accommodate 1,500 worshippers.”

The newspaper continued, “The center will serve the Shia community to hold their religious activities and rituals, and will provide its services to all residents of the city.”

The organizers of the center confirmed that “happiness overwhelmed the hearts of the city’s residents with the opening of this long-awaited project.”

They added that “the center aims to revive the religious activities and events of the Ahlulbayt followers, and it also seeks to help the weak and the poor, and to meet the needs of the entire community, which is what Islam has taught.”

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