Amid fears of far-right extremists, Shiism spreads in Nepal as Buddhist village name changed to “Karbala”

The Indian agency (Op India) said that a press team from it documented an increase in the number of mosques and Shia religious schools, along the border between India and Nepal located on the Himalayas.

The agency, which pursues the policy of the extreme right, did not hide its concern about the spread of Shiism in Nepal, through its transmission through the Indian villages located on the border with the country, which in the past professed Buddhism.

It stated in a report followed by Shia Waves News Agency, that “its press team conducted visits from (20-27 of last August), to a number of areas located between the two countries (India and Nepal), and noted the increase in the construction of Shia schools and mosques, in addition to the construction of Shia shrines secured by the Antiquities Department.”

It indicated that “several areas along the borders (such as Shravasti, Siddharthnagar, and Belft), were in the past cities for Buddhists, and little by little, Muslims from the Shia community lived and established their mosques and schools there.”

The agency added, “On the road leading to the ancient Angolan Cave of the Buddha, and at a distance of 400 meters from it, a Shia religious shrine was built and symbolizes the tombs of Imam Hassan and Hussein (peace be upon them), and local villagers gather there to celebrate their rituals,” noting that “the place that houses the shrine has come to be called Karbala.”

It also pointed out that “the city (Bjobyapur) is distinguished by the deployment of green and red banners on the roofs and facades of houses during these days of the month of Safar, to commemorate the martyrdom of the grandson of the Noble Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny), Imam Hussein (peace be upon him).”

The agency expects that “Shiism will gradually advance to the state of Nepal through India, where Shia Muslims have a firm foothold in the villages located between the two countries.”

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