The International Nonviolence Organization condemns the crime of targeting worshipers in Nigeria

The International Nonviolence Organization, Free Muslim, condemned the terrorist crime that targeted worshipers in Maigamji, Nigerian state of Katsina, calling on the authorities to shoulder their responsibilities in protecting civilians.

The organization stated in a statement, of which the Shia News Agency received a copy, that “more than 12 worshipers were killed, and others were kidnapped, whose fate is still unknown, when an armed terrorist group targeted the Maigamji Mosque, in a crime that is not the first of its kind in the state.”

It explained that “mosques and schools in the Muslim-majority northern regions are constantly exposed to terrorist acts, amid deliberate negligence by the federal and local authorities in Nigeria,” noting that “this matter raises concern and disapproval of this policy.”

The organization considered that “administrative and financial corruption and racist and sectarian policies practiced by the authorities contribute effectively to the growth and activity of terrorist groups and armed gangs,” calling on the international community to “review the international positions towards the Nigerian authorities in a comprehensive manner.”

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