International Nonviolence Organization warns of the return of authoritarian practices to Tunisia

The International Nonviolence Organization, Free Muslim, confirmed that it had access to statements issued by human rights organizations indicating the occurrence of a number of government measures of an arbitrary nature against activists and civilians on a political background in Tunisia, warning of the consequences of the return of authoritarian practices and the collapse of the democratic system in that country.
It pointed out that a number of civilian activists were referred to military courts for expressing their opinion and opposing government measures, which represents a grave danger in the path of democracy for which the Tunisian people rose up, in addition to monitoring no less serious violations in an effort to silence mouths.
The organization warned the Tunisian authorities of the danger of slipping into dictatorship, and strongly demanded the return of the pillars of the democratic system in Tunisia, in the forefront of which stands the return of parliamentary life, which is a essential in the face of monopolization of power and possible repressive practices.

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