Report: 55 million people forced into internal displacement in 2020

Today, the Indian website ‘Indiatimes’ published a report issued by the Displacement Monitoring Center, which revealed that the number of internally displaced persons in the world during the year 2020 reached about 55 million people.
The report stated, “The world has set a new record for the total number of internally displaced people around the world, according to what two non-governmental organizations announced.”
The joint report issued by the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center and the Norwegian Refugee Council added, “Conflicts and disasters have driven tens of millions of people to be displaced within their countries in 2020.”
He explained, “Last year witnessed severe storms, conflicts and violence, which forced 40.5 million people to flee within their countries, in the highest number of additional displaced persons recorded in a decade, raising the total number to 55 million, a record number.”


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