2000 Muslims in Mühlhausen face discrimination and lack of recognition

While the Muslim community has been growing in the German city of Mühlhausen, specifically since 2015, it suffers from discrimination and lack of recognition as well, especially for Muslim women because of the headscarf.
“The growth of Muslims in Mühlhausen is due to the immigration movements to Germany, which have brought many people to the city since 2015,” noting that “the number of Muslims in the city has now reached 2000 Muslims,” said Sheikh Jamal Issa, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Islamic Cultural Society in his interview with ‘Turingen’ newspaper.
Issa added that since 2010, he participated in establishing his association to attract Muslims and non-Muslims, noting that everyone is welcome to the association.
Sheikh Jamal Issa seeks to introduce Islam through religious sermons in both Arabic and German, narrating the history of Islam and reciting the Holy Quran to inform people about the true Islamic religion.
He believes that “the big problem facing them is that they are not recognized by the government especially that they do not receive invitations to important events, as they are completely ignored.
Nevertheless, he hopes that his association will contribute to increasing the number of Muslims to be able to claim rights and to obtain official recognition.

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