With 9,000 patients in dire need of treatment, WHO warns of new tragedy in Gaza

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned of the worsening health situation in the Gaza Strip, where approximately 9,000 patients are in urgent need of treatment outside the region.

These warnings come as more than 30 hospitals have gone out of service, leading to a deterioration in healthcare and putting the lives of patients and the wounded at risk.

The number of patients needing treatment outside the region exceeds the available resources, with 400 patients suffering from kidney failure in the dialysis unit at Abu Yousef Al-Najjar Hospital in Rafah facing a shortage of essential medical supplies and materials for necessary treatment, WHO said.

Reports indicate a decline in cleanliness and healthcare in the remaining hospitals, increasing the risks of disease spread and worsening conditions for patients and the wounded. The mental conditions of the wounded have been severely affected as they live in difficult and inhumane conditions within overcrowded hospitals.

With hospitals going out of service, the need for appropriate healthcare for patients and the wounded is growing, making their evacuation for treatment outside the region a vital and necessary step to save their lives.

The health organization concluded that every moment is crucial in the lives of patients and the wounded, and shedding light on these difficult circumstances reflects the urgent need for immediate intervention to provide necessary healthcare and save lives in the Gaza Strip.

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