UNSC demands inclusion of “gender apartheid” in convention on prohibition of crimes against humanity

The new head of the United Nations Security Council says that “gender apartheid”, which presently applies to Afghanistan, should be included in the convention on the prohibition of crimes against humanity.

Vanessa Frazier, permanent representative of Malta at the United Nations, told reporters on Monday, that the situation in Afghanistan is a matter of concern for the Security Council.

Referring to the marginalization of women by the Taliban group in Afghanistan, the head of the security council emphasized that such policies are unacceptable.

The UN senior official also emphasized the appointment of the UN Special Representative for Afghanistan in the near future.

This comes after UN experts and the working group on discrimination against women and girls asked countries to recognize “gender apartheid” in Afghanistan as a “crime against humanity” about one and a half months ago.

Experts have warned that in Afghanistan, the orders, policies and behavior of the Taliban is an institutionalized system of discrimination, oppression and domination over women and girls, which has turned into gender apartheid.

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