Kuwait parliament to mull making Quran teaching compulsory at schools

A Kuwaiti lawmaker has suggested that the parliament pass a law to make the teaching of the Holy Quran at schools compulsory.

Hamdan al-Azimi has proposed that the Quran be taught as a compulsory subject in elementary and high schools, Al-Ray daily reported.

Based on the plan, it should be taught at both government-run and private schools across the Arab country.

Before the establishment of new schools in Kuwait, the Quran along with other subjects such as writing and math was taught in Maktabs (traditional Quran schools).

Such schools, which were also called Katatib, were available in all cities and towns and children learned reading, writing and calculating in the classes.

The teachers of these schools were respected very much by the people and the position of teaching the Quran was usually passed down from father to son.

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