United Nations: ISIS terrorists used chemical weapons in Iraq during their control

UN experts have confirmed the existence of evidence of the use of chemical weapons by ISIS terrorist organization during the period in which it declared its so-called caliphate, in a report submitted to the UN Security Council for discussion.

The report of the United Nations Investigation Team to Promote Accountability for the Crimes Committed by ISIS discussed “the collection of documentary and digital evidence derived from witness testimonies” related to the use of chemical weapons in Iraq during the declaration of its caliphate between 2014 and 2019.

The experts concluded in their report that the organization “manufactured and produced rockets, chemical mortars, chemical munitions for rocket-propelled grenades, chemical warheads, and improvised chemical explosive devices.”

The report focused in particular on evidence that “proves that ISIS terrorists made financial and logistical arrangements, arrangements related to procurement, and links with elements of the organization’s leadership.”

It also referred to a greater understanding of the sites “suspected of witnessing activities for the manufacture, production and use of weapons throughout Iraq,” and “more insight into the materials manufactured by the organization and the delivery systems used.”

In particular, the investigators focused their efforts on an attack in the Iraqi city of Tuz Khurmato, on March 8, 2016. They confirmed that they had collected “a large amount of evidence,” including “the organization’s payroll records and correspondence.”

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