Imam Ali Holy Shrine: An unprecedented influx of pilgrims

The Imam Ali Holy Shrine announced the influx of unprecedented numbers of pilgrims to Najaf, coinciding with the occasion of the martyrdom of the Noble Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his family.

Holy Shrine Board Member Salim Al-Jassani said in a press statement that the Holy Shrine has formed an operations room to implement the program that includes the service and cultural plan, pointing to the influx of unprecedented numbers of pilgrims to the province to commemorate the occasion.

He explained that the service plan focused on opening new corridors to accommodate the numbers, providing a number of buses that carry pilgrims in and out, and providing them with hospitality.

He pointed out that “the provision of meals exceeded in some days of the current month one million meals.

He stressed that “the other aspect of the plan is to hold cultural activities and intellectual seminars, and to focus on broadcasting lectures that develop society’s thought.”

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