Iraq: Dozens martyred, injured in roadside bomb attack followed by sniper shots in Diyala

At least 9 Iraqis were martyred and 14 others wounded in an attack with roadside bombs and gunfire on a vehicle and rescuers in Iraq’s eastern Diyala province on Thursday evening, security sources told Reuters.

According to sources quoted by Iraqi news stations, “an explosive device exploded Thursday night, in the village of Al-Umraniya in the town of Al-Muqdadiya, northeast of the governorate, targeting a car carrying civilians who were likely returning from an election rally, killing 9 of them and wounding 16 others.”

Locals who arrived to the scene to help were then targeted with sniper fire, the sources said.

Sources indicated that among the victims were relatives of the governorate’s representative, Salah Zaini, adding that some of the wounded are in critical conditions.

Authorities have not elaborated further on possible motives for the attack.

Security forces announced the imposition of a curfew in the area and the search was ongoing to detain those responsible on Thursday night.

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