Over 1000 healthcare workers from inside and outside Iraq to participate in Ashura Pilgrimage

The Health care and Medical Education Authority affiliated with the Imam Hussain Holy Shrine has announced the mobilization of all efforts and medical staff to provide the pilgrims with the best medical services possible through its plans for the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him.
The head of the authority, Sattar al-Sa’edi, said in a statement, which Shia Waves News Agency obtained a copy of, that they have begun implementing the plan put for the Ashura Pilgrimage in Holy Karbala.

Al-Sa’edi added, “1000 healthcare workers – both male and female – will participate to provide medical services to the pilgrims. 600 of the participants are affiliated with Imam Hussain Holy Shrine and 400 are volunteers.”

He concluded that, “The medical units will have EMRs (paramedics), mobile and non-mobile medical units and for the first time, is witnessing the participation of surgeons and doctors in various specialties.”

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