In remembrance of the Ashura tragedy, Shias in Karbala revive the Zanjeel Ritual

The holy city of Karbala witnessed, this Sunday morning, a large crowd of followers of the Ahlulbayt, peace be upon them, commemorating the mourning ritual of Zanjeel, in remembrance of the Ashura tragedy of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him.
The crowds participated in the commemoration of the Zanjeel Ritual, which roamed the streets of Al-Jumhuria and Qibla Street of Imam Hussein and his brother Al-Abbas, peace be upon them.
The participants indicated that they bleed their bodies in remembrance of the painful calamities that befell the family of the Prophet, peace be upon them, on the day of Ashura.
The revival of such rituals is not limited to ages or groups, as it became a blessed annual ritual inherited by children from their fathers, as they remember the misfortunes of the bloody Day of Ashura.
Many mourners accompany the participants in the ritual of Tatbir as they wrap their wounds with a bandage and wipe their blood that sheds with grief and pain for the Master of Martyrs (peace be upon him).
It is noteworthy that the holy city of Karbala witnesses every year on the eighth of the month of Muharram, the mourning processions of Zanjeel to commemorate the Ashura tragedy and to remember what happened there, while the countries of Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and various countries of the world witness the mourning processions of Zanjeel on the tenth of Muharram.

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