Two pieces of Kaaba Kiswa on display at Saadabad Museum in Tehran

A piece of the Kaaba Kiswa, measuring 285 x 92 cm, with the honorable verse 198 of Surat Al-Baqara embroidered on it , was put on display at the Saadabad Museum in Tehran.

Another piece of the Kaaba’s Kiswa, measuring 270 x 90 cm, with verse 96 of Surat Al-Imran embroidered on it, was produced in 1387 AH, and is displayed for the public at the Saadabad Museum in Tehran. These Kiswas are 55 years old. The verses are gilded and their edges are decorated with silver.

Two pieces of the Kiswa were donated to Iran in the year 1346 AH and kept in special conditions in the Clothing Museum; as it is the most sacred historical work in the cultural and historical collection.

The Kiswa is changed every year on the 9th of Dhul-Hijjah – the night of Arafa, when pilgrims are in the desert of Arafa and the Grand Mosque is deserted – but this year, exceptionally, it is postponed to the first day of Muharram coinciding with the lunar New Year 1444.

Parts of the old Kiswa are delivered or sold to Arab presidents and nobles after they have been replaced and a year has passed.

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