Afghan expert: Taliban-backed Bedouin incursion targeted areas of the Shia Hazara

In recent weeks, press reports confirmed the incursion of Bedouins into Hazara and Shia areas in Ghazni Province with the support of the Taliban movement.
According to local sources in Ghazni, Bedouins in some parts of the province are “demanding ownership of people’s homes” and are shooting at local residents.
“Jaghori district witnessed an unprecedented influx of Bedouins,” Nasser Ahmed Faqiri, the former head of the Ghazni provincial council, said in a statement. “The Bedouins in these areas have now set up their tents in these areas, causing great damage to the local population,” he added.
Faqiri pointed out that the persistence of this situation is worrying.
“With the rise of the Taliban movement, the Bedouins have penetrated again into the Shia areas of Ghazni, and now they intend to seize the land and residential areas of the local population,” he said.
Criticizing the local Taliban leaders in the area for not taking action, he said, “The locals have not yet seen any movement from the Taliban and have not prevented the Bedouins from invading the people.”

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