Taliban to consider proposals from Shia Ulema Council of Afghanistan

The Political Deputy Prime Minister of the Taliban has announced that the government will consider proposals put forth by the members of the Shia Ulema Council of Afghanistan during a recent meeting, some local media reported.

The announcement has not shed light on details about the proposals. But previously, the council had revealed that the officialization of the Jafari denomination in the Taliban regime, the teaching of Jafari jurisprudence in universities and schools for Shia students, and the meaningful representation of Shias in government institutions are among their basic demands.

The Taliban had previously rejected the requests of the Shiite representatives.

It should be noted that after the Taliban reassumed power in Afghanistan in August 2021, it imposed the most severe restrictions against Shiites and Hazaras in Afghanistan.

Jafari jurisprudence, which was previously recognized alongside the Hanafi denomination, was removed from the judicial and government institutions, and the educational curriculum based on Jafari jurisprudence was banned in universities and schools.

During the last three years, the Taliban group has imposed severe restrictions on holding Shia religious ceremonies, including the mourning of Aba Abdullah al-Hussein, peace be upon him, in the month of Muharram, and has even opened fire at the mourners in several cases.

In the meantime, reputable international organizations including the United Nations and human rights organizations have expressed their concern about the situation of Shiites and Hazaras under the rule of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

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