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Migrant children worldwide face discrimination based on culture and language

Children affected by migration often face severe treatment in the child justice system based on their status or that of their parents as non-citizens. Language and cultural barriers, among others, further exacerbate discrimination against these children.

Millions of children are on the move. Some are driven from their homes by conflict, poverty or climate change; others leave in the hope of finding a better life. Far too many encounter danger, detention, deprivation and discrimination on their journeys, at destination or upon return.

Some of those migrant children may face discrimination based on culture and language. They feel forced to abandon their own culture and language in order not to fall victims to such discrimination.

The Turkish government has been implementing an integration policy for Syrian refugees for nearly two years now, which has largely contributed to the decline of the Arabic language among Syrian children, especially since licensed Arab schools in Turkey are costly for most parents, forcing them to enroll their children in free Turkish public schools.

It is worth-mentioning that discrimination based on culture and language is a phenomenon that is almost faced by migrants and refugees all over the world.

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