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Holy Najaf to launch renovation operation of entrance to blessed Shrine of Amir al-Mu’minin before Ramadan 19

The renovation operation of the entrance to the old city in Najaf al-Ashraf, which leads to the shrine of Amir al-Mu’minin, peace be upon him, will be launched before the anniversary of his “head-strike injury” on the 19 of Ramadan.

The reconstruction project is 1200 meters long and 26 meters wide on each side, and is based on an innovative method aimed to provide an easy and attractive route for pilgrims from inside and outside Iraq during different pilgrimage occasions.

The reconstruction operation includes equipping the street with a rainwater drainage network, asphalting the road and widening the parking lots.

According to Ahmad Fatlawi, the spokesman of Najaf Governorate, the project contractor has started the process of covering the surface layer of the road by widening the traffic lanes and rebuilding the lane for heavy vehicles, after completing all the infrastructure works.

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