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EU officials urge law enforcement agencies to increase efforts to protect Muslims

Representatives from 10 European countries and EU officials have urged law enforcement agencies to “spare no effort” to protect Muslims, amid hate crimes against them, The Guardian reported.

In a statement, they highlighted the increased number of hate crimes against Muslim communities across Europe in recent months.

The statement, which was issued at a time when the bloc was dealing with a rise in Islamophobia, added that the Muslim communities “have become targets of physical and verbal attacks”, with people feeling “more and more unsafe and threatened, online and offline”.

While highlighting Islamophobia, the EU members said they were “deeply concerned” for Muslims. “Such phenomena, if not addressed, can threaten social cohesion within our societies and can expose vulnerable communities to further harms,” it said.

They called on national authorities to ensure the safety of Muslims in places of worship, workplaces, schools, and their homes. They further called on public safety and law enforcement agencies to “remain alert to incidents of hate crimes and hate-motivated violence against Muslims”.

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