Two Shia scholars killed in Afghanistan as part of ongoing series of killing

Two scholars from the Hazara Shia minority were killed on Thursday morning after being shot by unknown gunmen near the Gabriel Mosque in the Afghan city of Herat.

Afghan local sources reported that two Shia Hazara scholars in the city of Herat, including Hujjat al-Islam Khadim Hussein Hedayati and Hujjat al-Islam Rajab Akhlaki, were shot dead by unknown gunmen on Thursday morning opposite the Gabriel Mosque.

This incident comes just two days after the killing of three others from the Shia Hazara sect in the provinces of Daikondi and Ghazni, with deafening silence from Taliban movement, who has been in power for two years now.

The attacks on Hazara Shias are a reminder of the ongoing violence and discrimination faced by minorities in Afghanistan, amid local and international silence.

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