Iran repatriated at least 450,000 irregular migrants, mostly Afghans, in 3 months

At least 450,000 refugees, mostly from Afghanistan, without requisite legal documents have been repatriated from Iran in the last three months, according to officials.

Javad Khani, an official at Iran’s National Migration Organization (NMO), was quoted as saying by state-run news agency IRNA on Saturday that the repatriation of irregular migrants is in process.

He said the individuals who have been deported had “illegally entered” the country and their repatriation is being carried out in eight provinces based on a “comprehensive plan.”

Most of the refugees in Iran are from Afghanistan, estimated to be more than 4 million, including both documented and undocumented refugees.

Iranian authorities have often complained about the lack of international support for Afghan refugees living in Iran for the past 40 years, especially in the face of US sanctions.

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