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Freemuslim Organization condemns genocide against civilians in Gaza Strip

The World Nonviolence Organization (WNO) has strongly condemned the “genocide” that innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip of Palestine are experiencing at the hands of the Israeli occupation forces, denouncing what it described as the “terrible and unprecedented international silence”.

The organization said in a statement received by Shia Waves Agency: “With bitterness and pain, the genocide against innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip continues due to the ongoing war, amid terrible and unprecedented international silence, with support from some countries that claim to protect human rights and international legitimacy.”

The organization continued that “the data from that region showed that more than (12,000) killed, most of them women and children, as a result of the indiscriminate shelling carried out by the Israeli army on civilian areas under the pretext of targeting members of the Hamas movement, not to mention the total destruction that has inflicted on civilian infrastructure.”

The organization saw that “what is happening records a precedent that fully condemns the international community, and Western countries in particular; as they directly and indirectly support that war, despite their ability to stop it or pressure Israel to avoid targeting civilians.”

In its statement, the organization called on human rights bodies and humanitarian organizations around the world to “take urgent action to stop this bloody and brutal war, and to pressure to secure medical supplies, food, and water for the civilians besieged in Gaza.”

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