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Construction of Husseini Holy Camp reaches advanced stages

The Department of the Husseini Holy Camp, affiliated to the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine, has announced that the construction project is continuing with advanced completion rates in roofing the outer courtyard of the holy site.

He explained that “this project is being implemented in order to create a suitable atmosphere for visiting,” explaining that “the roofing work in the courtyards of the Husseini Camp is being covered with Karbala tile with Holy Quranic verses, as well as Islamic decorations and other inscriptions.”

He added, “We have now reached the final stages of the project, where it has been completed well, and advanced cooling systems from global sources have been installed to the courtyard.”

It is worth mentioning that the total area of ​​the Husseini Camp after the expansion and roofing works has reached about (5000) square meters.

The holy camp building will be of three floors, a hosting area for men and women, in addition to 6 tents resembling the tragic event of Ashura and the tent of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him.

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