Taliban’s Ministry publishes announcement about hijab

According to local reports from Afghanistan, the Taliban’s Ministry of Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil has published an announcement about hijab.

The hijab notice was produced in 6 lines in the historical city of Balkh and posted it on the doors and walls of public places and thoroughfares.

The announcement opens with the following sentence: Hijab is a sign of women’s chastity, a symbol of men’s zeal, and it is a source of honor and pride for the Muslim community.

The announcement says:

Dear sisters and mothers

Observe the Islamic hijab completely by wearing a veil.
The Sharia-based hijab is the command of Almighty God and observing it is obeying His command.
Sharia-based hijab is the privilege of genuine Muslim women.
Islamic hijab is a sign of faith and God-wariness of Muslim women.
Sharia-based hijab is a testament to high-character and decent upbringing of women.
With the Islamic hijab, women are protected from the evil of the morally corrupt.

A note at the bottom of the announcement introduces “The Ministry of Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil and Hearing Complaints of Balkh district” as the issuing authority of the notice.

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