UN food agency cuts rations to 2 million Afghans as funds dry up

The U.N. World Food Programme (WFP) had to cut rations to another 2 million Afghans this month and is warning of a “catastrophic” winter if funding runs out with little food for remote communities in place, the agency’s country director said.

The cut in rations comes amidst growing alarm over shrinking aid for Afghanistan, where a U.N. humanitarian response plan is only about a quarter funded.

The WFP has warned that if no funding comes through, 90% of remote areas in need will be cut off without food and even in accessible locations, people will get no supplies during the harsh weather.

About three-quarters of Afghanistan’s people are in need of humanitarian aid as their country emerges from decades of conflict under an internationally isolated Taliban administration that took over as U.S.-backed foreign forces withdrew in 2021.

It should be mentioned that Misbah Al-Hussein Foundation for Development and Relief, a cultural-charity organization affiliated with Grand Ayatollah Shirazi’s Office, has run several humanitarian projects in disadvantaged regions of Afghanistan, including provision of food, operating water wells and distribution of much-needed coal for keeping warm.

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