World Shirazi Foundation releases message on International Day of Democracy

The World Shirazi Foundation has stressed the success of democratic systems in governing liberal peoples, who pursue their legitimate rights, and establishing healthy and developed societies; unlike dictatorial regimes that have brought only destruction and adversities to their countries and peoples.

The Foundation said in a message it released on the International Day of Democracy—marked on September 15—and was received by Shia Waves Agency that “True democracy has been proven throughout its history as a safe mechanism for governments and peoples alike, interdependent with its components to establish and build healthy communities reconciled with themselves, devoted to their homelands and work on their bitterness.”

It continued that “The innovation of modern governance systems based on democracy in managing the state is the result of deep labor of peoples and communities, which cost humanity a high price on the one hand; and democracy is the best contracts between the peoples and their governments to manage their affairs, as it is more effective and safe in terms of political, social and security stability in the countries.”

The World Shirazi Foundation explained that “The democratic systems and mechanisms provide for several fundamental considerations in governance, starting from ensuring the right of popular participation, through not to be monopolized by procedural decisions, and last but not least by preserving the constitutional rights of individuals and groups without any injustice, arbitrariness or tyranny.”

The global foundation expressed regret at what is happening in many Middle Eastern countries that still suffer from the absence of democracy or its formal presence as a curtain behind which authoritarian regimes hide, despite the internationalization of democracy,” pointing out that “Those short-sighted regimes have not taken lessons from the experiences of history and the fate of past dictatorships.”

It highlighted that “People in Middle Eastern countries with dictatorial political systems constantly complain of the lack of development, poverty, internal conflicts or the absence of an equitable distribution of wealth,” adding that “Even people in economically stable countries complain of constant internal unrest due to the infringement of their rights, which puts those governments in constant confrontation with their citizens.”

The foundation concluded its message by stressing “The need for governments to take measures to ensure a fair distribution of wealth, as well as the initiation of comprehensive development plans for individuals, especially that some of those countries have for decades appropriated state resources for the benefit of limited personalities and social strata, depriving people of their rights.”

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