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British Foreign Office: Quran desecration represents grave insult to Muslims

The British Foreign Office confirmed on Friday that the burning of the Holy Quran was completely inappropriate.

In a statement on its official website, seen by the Shia Wavs Agency, the British Foreign Office said in that “the burning and desecration of the Qoran in Stockholm is a great insult to Muslims around the world”, indicating that it is “absolutely inappropriate behavior.”

Britain condemned “hatred based on religion and belief”, stressing “the defense of freedom of religion and belief for all and the promotion of mutual respect.”

“We are aware of the great suffering felt by Muslims around the world because of the burning of the Quran,”the statement added.

The Swedish police had allowed the organization of a rally on Thursday in front of the Iraqi Embassy in Stockholm, during which a copy of the Holy Quran and the Iraqi flag were burned by the Iraqi expatriate Silwan Mamika, which provoked worldwide reactions.

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