Member of European Council for Fatwa, Research empathizes importance of Islamic Jurisprudence in Muslims’ life

A member of the European Council for Fatwa and Research, based in Dublin, Ireland, has emphasized the importance of Ijtihad (Islamic Jurisprudence or reasoning) in the life of Muslims.

Dr. Khalid Hanafi issued a fatwa in which he stressed the permissibility of combining the Maghreb and Isha prayers, as is the case with the followers of AhlulBayet, peace be upon them.

Dr. Hanafi considered this combination as a necessity that requires the return to the Islamic jurisprudence.

In a statement followed by Shia Waves Agency, Dr. Hanafi said, “Based on the current necessities and changes, it has become imperative upon us to resort to Ijtihad which people follow in their life.”

To the Muslims residing in Europe, Dr. Hanafi issued a fatwa permitting the combination of Maghreb and Isha prayers, unlike what other schools of thought in the Islamic figh, namely Hanafi, Maliki, Sharfi’i and Hanbali, consider as impermissible.

He pointed out that, ‘The signs of Isha prayer in Germany, Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands and France astronomically disappear on 18th May, and thus he permits the early combination of the two prayers.”

Hanafi concluded he speech by saying that, “This figh-related act is well evidenced and was followed by the Prophet, peace be upon him and his family.”

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