UN’s official statement to recognize Taliban’s government draws nationwide condemnation in Afghanistan

The United Nations deputy secretary-general, Amina Mohammed, expressed the hope that an upcoming conference of the world body will discuss granting official recognition to the Taliban.

Mohammed delivered her remarks at Princeton University’s School of Public and International Affairs, in which she confirmed that Taliban had repeatedly called on the international community to recognize its government; pointing out that this is the only tool the UN has for now.

The statements were met with nationwide condemning attitudes and backlash from political activists and Afghan citizens, describing it as a “betrayal” to the Afghan people.

The Coalition of Afghan Women’s Protest Movements has responded to the statements of the UN deputy secretary-general by issuing a statement, saying: “Recognizing a group that violates human rights in Afghanistan, is not only a decision that leads to killing Afghan women and instability, it also defames the United Nations’ credibility and undermines as the largest organization that defends human rights.”

The Afghan citizens have confirmed that the UN is responsible for protecting the human rights and values and to limit any violations on them, yet the UN’s recognition of such a group that violates the human rights and values is, “disappointing and refers to one fact that the UN is deviating from its goals which is was created to fulfil.”

Afghans have also expressed their dissatisfaction and lack of trust in the UN, considering it as no longer an international unbiased organization, which takes the responsibility of defending and protecting human rights in Afghanistan.

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